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Henna Designs Simple, Designer & Bridal

Henna (Mehndi) Tattoo’s are temporary (1-2 weeks) non-permanent art, made from leaves of the Henna plant, creating beautiful color & designs. Our Henna mixture uses no chemicals or PPD, 100 percent natural & organic

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Henna Mehndi Tattoo


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  1. Ok so I saw how great everyone was talking about this young lady. And I love her style so I quickly went ahead and made an appointment. We agreed on Thursday at 3pm I have a nail appointment for earlier that day. She sends me a text asking if I can come in at 5:30pm I was sure no problem. She then sends another text asking if I can come on Friday because she is not feeling well. Are you kidding me I have bent over backwards to be flexible with this young lady this is absolutely bad customer service. The reason for this appointment was to see her work first hand since my daughter is getting married and she wanted this done for her and all her brides maids. Now I have to look for another place to get this service done. After I told her I would not be coming on Friday that I would be looking elsewhere she then decides to tell that I can come in at 5:30. Absolutely Not she already left a bad impression.


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